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Cheerful Surprise Box


Take all the stress out of Christmas shopping this season and let us put together a great box of fun, unique items!

The Cheerful Surprise Box would include any of our FAVORITE and best-selling items from Red Door that will for sure put a smile on someone's face! It would be such a CHEERFUL gift for anyone on your list!

You pick your price ($50-$125) and leave us a NOTE at checkout telling us more about who this box is for, any preferences you have, their size, etc.

Ideas of what this box can include:

  • Insulated drinkware
  • mug
  • wonderful smelling candle
  • our favorite lotion
  • warm and cozy socks or gloves
  • Choclates made in Missouri
  • a beautiful dishtowel

Every box will be unique and tailored for your budget and recipient!

The box in the first picture is $125 and the second box would be $55 just so you know about how many items you would get on your budget.

(images are used as reference. Some items will vary and not be exactly what is shown- boxes will NOT use CHRISTMAS ITEMS at this time!)

(images are used as reference from past boxes. Items will vary and not be exactly what is shown)

Available for in-store pick up or shipping.  If shipping, please put your recipient's Name and shipping address.

If you are needing more than one box SHIPPED, please check out each box individually with each recipient's information and details! It helps us keep track of everything nicely! Thank you!!


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